The Japanese automaker is on its way towards paving a new design line for its crossovers, apparently ready to apply the new styling on production models from 2020, after premiering another preview of the “shape of things to come” at the Detroit auto show.

Nissan’s new Xmotion has been introduced in front of the worldwide audience of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in order to preview the design direction of its crossover range – and this sleek aesthetic should do wonders on the company’s models, already best-sellers in many parts of the world. The Xmotion arrives with a refined body that is both sleek and rugged – naturally the trademark V-shaped grille is present and given an updated design.

2018 Detroit Auto Show Nissan Xmotion concept (9)

The cabin continues the adopted styling, offering space for six persons on three rows of two seats each, while a floating console is running through the center of the cabin. The interior is a full-on tribute to Nissan’s home country of Japan, for example the lower portion of the dashboard is wood and has been made with a joining technique that eschews fasteners or glue. More so, the red and white upholstery is a reference to the Rising Sun’s flag, and the infotainment system starts up with the appearance of a koi fish. Being a design study, the Xmotion doesn’t come with a definitive powertrain, though Nissan does imply the ProPilot semi-autonomous driving technology is bundled inside.


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