Tesla’s Model S has a new startup competitor from designer guru Henrik Fisker and his eponymous company, which has recently introduced the EMotion electric limousine.

Not just another entry in the electric playing field – though none in the stratosphere (like Lucid Air) have traditional features – the battery electric model is said to come with ‘game-changing’ battery technology, which has a nine-minute fast charging capability. The Fisker EMotion is coming August 17 and the electric powertrain is said to deliver up to 400 miles (644 km) of range on a single charge. This means it will lead the electric segment in terms of range, thanks to its charge in nine minutes, ‘state of the art’ battery chemistry with the world’s highest energy density. It will of course have autonomous and connected capabilities.

2018 Fisker EMotion becomes official with 400 miles of range 0

The company wants to ultimately go for full driverless capability and has a Lidar sensor hidden in the car’s front central black area – of course an electric car has no need for the grille – but so far Fisker hasn’t said the exact level of autonomy available at launch. The new, innovative graphene battery technology is being developed by Fisker Nanotech, Fisker Inc’s sister company and battery unit, and the company claims longer range, faster charging times and longer battery life. The EMotion is being built in low volumes by VLF Automotive – Fisker also has partial ownership here.


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