The fabled “Supra” moniker is making a return in front of the worldwide audience of the 88th Geneva International Auto Show, albeit hardcore fans might be troubled by the racing and concept moniker additions…

Actually, after years of expectations and speculations, it’s a breeze to finally see the Supra name resurface from the Japanese automaker’s shadows. Faced with the conceptual racer, we can only wait a little longer to see the road-going production version. For now, the GR Supra Racing Concept is a front-engined, rear-wheel-drive lightweight showcar developed in partnership with the Toyota Gazoo Racing unit – and it’s the first time the automaker is using the Supra name since back in 2002.

2018 Geneva Motor Show Toyota GR Supra Racing Concept (14)

There are very few details to go about – just like it was the case with the previous GR Super Sport concept – though focus is on being as lightweight as possible. There’s a plastic windscreen, plastic side windows, composite materials for the front, rear bumpers and the diffusers, hood, side mirror caps, and the huge wing at the back. More so, carbon fiber has been used for door panels and the cabin is decidedly ready for racing with just the bare-bone necessities. The GR Supra Racing Concept comes with center-lock BBS wheels and will be available to drive… virtually in the Gran Turismo video game through an upcoming update.


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