The German automaker is slowly – but relentlessly – pursuing its future mobility vision, and thus have chosen a relevant name for their latest introduction in the all-electric I.D. concept family.

Taking the wraps off the I.D. Vizzion all-wheel-drive electric concept in front of the worldwide audience of the 88th Geneva International Auto Show, Volkswagen is showcasing what they believe might be in line for the sedan segment in the 2030s. The exterior isn’t exactly what you’d call overly futuristic, but the interior is – completely ditching the conventional controls. Passengers inside will rely on voice commands and gestures to tell the car where they want to go and the army of sensors and the artificial intelligence embedded on board will take care of driving.

2018 Geneva Motor Show Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion concept (20)

The Vizzion’s styling is also reminiscent of the rest of the I.D. family of concepts – but comes with a huge greenhouse, smooth lines and lots of lights. The exterior also features lots of – mostly hidden – lasers, radar sensors, cameras, and other elements. Inside, the computers see traffic data from the cloud and compare it with feeds from the on-board network of sensors. And of course, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication is also being used. With autonomous driving, the interior designers were free to imagine anything they wanted – for example passengers get four VIP chairs, thick carpets on the floor, and there’s also Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality technology for passengers to virtually project displays in front of them.

2018 Geneva Motor Show Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion concept (13)

The artificial intelligence inside is also used to learn stuff about the owner and other occupants – yes, there might be some Big Brother issues at play, but the company says they use AI to learn things such as the person’s preferred seating position and climate control setup. The Ev powertrain consists of front motor good for 101 horsepower and another in the back with another 201 hp, while the 111-kilowatt-hour battery comes with a massive range of 665 km (413 miles) in the NEDC.


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