2018 Infiniti QX80 arrives in time for the Dubai Motor Show image

The Japanese automaker is making sure everything looks like kindergarten while inside there’s a geriatric department – the refreshed QX80 SUV has fresh new clothes, but underneath the same body from 2010 when the second generation of the model appeared.

Infiniti’s full-size sport-utility vehicle was then named the QX56, but even with a new name and this latest revamp, the QX80 still has a lot in common with that machine, including the 5.6-liter, 400-horsepower V8. Eight years for an SUV is almost like a lifetime, but at least the fresh redesign does look appropriately modern. The first thing to notice is the new corporate grille, the new headlights, and the lower end of the front fascia continues on the advent of bigger-is-better. All elements combined, the QX80 does look nimbler than a huge SUV with three rows should.

2018 Infiniti QX80 arrives in time for the Dubai Motor Show 1

Most of the design traits were seen beforehand with the Monograph Concept earlier this year, and unfortunately the cabin modifications are not as extensive. The interior design is familiar for anyone who’s seen the model during this eight-year period, the facelifted QX80 arriving with new stitching patterns for the seats and doors. The mechanicals carry over without any changes, complete with body-on-frame construction, V8, RWD or AWD and a seven-speed automatic transmission.