The British automaker is making families proud with the fact they can soon buy the second-generation estate version of the XF model, meaning they can carry even the fridge in style.

The brand took the wraps off the new XF Sportbrake during an event at the Castle Bromwich plant where the model will be assembled, and Jaguar’s designers and engineers are pretty confident they can achieve the same level of success of the previous generation – when the wagon was besting the sedan 60-40 in terms of sales. The new XF was developed from the beginning with the station wagon version in mind, which is going to be available in Europe, China and the US, with the new version being capable of fitting two electric buggies and two sets of golf clubs in the back without the need to lower the seats – a gentlemen’s feat indeed.

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The XF Sportbrake comes with full LED lights front and back, and the new ones in the rear have been inspired by the ones of the F-Type sports car. There’s a power tailgate as well as an electric towbar controlled from the driver’s seat and even premium air suspension as standard perk. The XF also boasts an innovative optional panoramic glass roof – with the 63-inch (1.6-meter) length being exactly the maximum oven capacity of the company that supplies the glass. The XF Sportbrake gest a light construction with aluminum and some magnesium – lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and tips the scales at 3,659 lbs (1,660 kg). For now the engine range is limited to the new Ingenium family – 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines starting at 163 hp and going to 240 or 250 hp (diesel/gasoline), and there’s also a 3.0-liter V6 diesel with 300 hp for a dash of sportiness.


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