2018 Opel Grandland X illuminating us to a teaser image

The German automaker turned French has been cooking up for years models with their new parent – PSA – and one prime example will be the all-new Grandland X set to arrive later this year.

Opel has recently unveiled an important model – its flagship Insignia Country Tourer adventure wagon, but the upcoming Grandland X, featured in a teaser image published on Twitter by Opel’s chief himself, might take the lion’s share, considering the popularity of SUVs these days. We’re not seeing much of the car – due to the vehicle’s bright lights – but we do know the Grandland X is going to be the Crossland X’s larger brother – engineered on the same platform as the Peugeot 3008/5008. Karl-Thomas Neumann, the Opel chief, added on Twitter a video will arrive shortly to highlight the new introduction from Rüsselsheim.

We already know the model will appear this year, so we should gather our forces for an online reveal in the weeks to come and the first public appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall. We’re pretty sure the Grandland X is not going to take us by surprise in terms of styling, as it will most likely be a larger version of the Crossland X. In addition, the cabin should probably present itself as mostly identical.