Dacia Duster was bound to spawn a counterpart Renault version given its tremendous first-generation success sooner or later, and we’re pretty sure the intended markets will be happy to find out it’s sooner, rather than later.

The second generation of the popular subcompact Dacia Duster crossover arrives not long ago at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September, and now it’s time for the Renault Duster twin to arrive for markets such as South America, Asia and Russia/Ukraine. It’s the same SUV redressed with Renault’s larger diamond logo – though it’s also going to be easy to tell the difference between the two models thanks to some neat front styling around the Renault badge. The front grille has been completely changed and some might say it even integrates better with the front headlights, plus the piece of trim on the tailgate has been changed for a silver look instead of black.

2018 Renault Duster arrives with same attitude 6

Move inside and the differences will be even easier to spot – and again some might say the Dacia counterpart drew the short straw because the new Renault version looks a bit more upscale (we’ll reserve judgment on the fit and finish for a later date), with the round air vents replaced by more elegant octagonal shaped ones. There’s also a completely new steering wheel – along with chromed outlines for the instrument dials. The infotainment system is the same though – carried from the first generation, though the automaker is going to replace it with a completely new version sometime next year.


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