2018 Rezvani Beast Alpha to cost even lower, under $100k image

When the intriguing 2017 Beast Alpha with its removable targa-style top and odd doors was first showcased last November at the Los Angeles Auto Show it had a supercar starting price of almost $200,000.

Now the list price has gone down a notch, with the official quota at $149,000 – but it seems the boutique automaker is looking to present itself as an even sweeter deal, because a teaser image announcing the impending arrival of the 2018 model year also calls for a major price slash – it is said to cost below $100,000. According to the company’s CEO Ferris Rezvani it appears we’re dealing with yet another “Porsche killer, but with even more focus on the enthusiast,” and we should expect the Alpha to be “all new for 2018.”

Rezvani Motors has yet to make a big name for itself since it was founded back in 2014 in California, but that may change if they keep their word on the pricing – with the new model year set to add a series of bespoke features to cater to the mainstream customer base, all the while keeping fresh the spirit of race car-like level of performance and of course the unique design. Technical details have not been offered, but the 2017 model year is as impressive as it gets (besides the cool forward-sliding doors): 1,950 pounds (885 kilograms) of weight, turbocharged 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engine with 500 horsepower good for 0-60 mph (0-96 kph) in 3.2 seconds and 175 mph (282 kph).