1,000 pounds fine for not renewing photograph license image

A staggering 1, 6 million driver may risk a fine of 1, 000 pounds sterling because the photograph on their driving license has expired.

The insurance company Sainsbury discovered that many motorists risk large fine because they do not know about the ten years renewal cycle for drivers license photographs, at a cost of 20 pounds sterling as stated by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Association.

The bad news doesn’t stop there, it seems that by 2012 another 2.9 million licenses must be renewed. And over the course of the next five years about 13 million drivers will have their driver licenses expired.

Statistics say that 41 per cent of drivers are yet to be aware of the drastic consequences of having a license with an expired photograph.

Though your car insurance is not affected by this, as long as the driver is qualified and there is no restriction given by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Association, for example having serious medical issues that will interfere with the safety of operating a vehicle.

The research says 10 million are not aware that their license will expire. And that 14 per cent of driver that continue to drive having their license out of date since 2009 or later.