A report talking about the 2019 Volkswagen Golf has recently made its way onto the market and it is providing us some early details on the popular hatchback.

Did you ever wonder what the next generation of the Volkswagen Golf, the Mk8, might be like? Well, if you are a fan of the model, than the answer is most likely “yes”, but if you aren’t, you will be glad you stumbled upon this article. According to a report published by the guys from Autocar, the model in question will be inspired by the frugal XL1 and the aerodynamic package shown in the image posted above is revealing exactly those influences.

Compared to the current generation, this might result into a lower body, but the model will still be instantly recognizable. The MQB platform, which will be modified by then, will be providing a curb weight of less than 1,100 kg and a series of new technologies will be implemented underneath its body. Some of them will be including the Flywheel system, tested by Volvo too, which can power the rear wheels of a FWD car and which also stores waste energy, the Coasting technology, which will increase the range, or the Electric turbochargers, which will be something common in the future on almost all cars.


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