Ever since the Blue Oval company announced the impending return of the beloved Bronco nameplate, the Internet has been swirling with rumors and most of all renders of how the model might look like.

We’re not indulging usually in this type of speculation, but since the much-anticipated SUV is not coming earlier than 2020, we’re going to ease the wait from time to time with the latest details flying off the rumor mill. The new renders imagine the Bronco as a four-door and also give it a go at the new Air Roof. The styling of course keeps the boxy design that made the original famous – combining the retro touches with modern elements, from classic grille to LED lights.

2020 Ford Bronco rendered as Jeep Wrangler fighter 5

Beware that such renders aren’t actually based on anything from the company – there aren’t any prototypes to be spied with camouflage so anyone can get at least a general reading of the design traits. We do know the Ford Bronco is going to clash head on with the next generation Jeep Wrangler – and Ford wants to offer the model with removable roof panels that it allegedly calls the Air Roof. The design comes to mix the security of a hardtop and the open-air lifestyle of a convertible. The Bronco is also going to compete the Wrangler thanks to the off-road legacy, and we already know Ford has partnered with the specialists at Dana to source the SUV’s front and rear axles.

Via Bronco6G


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