2020 Maserati GT Garbin Concept by Three Students image

There are many people who love the retro and old styled cars and look out for something alike that could suit their tastes. So for them a magnificent car will enter the market with some fascinating, exclusive and modern interpretations.

Three students from the Transportation Design at the Italy’s Politecnico di Milano are introducing their effortful design study which perfectly fit to carry the Meserati crown. Their names are – Jaime Cervantes, Andrea Coccia, and Chetan Rajput.

These students under the guidance of Fiat have chosen to create a design study that will help them to understand what a Maserati GranTurismo inspired vehicle in the year 2020 would look like. These are possible with the production of Maserati Ghibli vehicles of late 60s and early 70s.

This car is been named as Maserati GT Garbin, but its look has got the retro touch. The surface of the GT Garbin features irregular shapes and luminescent fabrics just like the Armani Collection Privé 2010 was highlighted, a fashion design concept. With the help of dramatic and futuristic shapes, the modern edge was added to this car. These shapes were inspired by the Opera Theatre of Valencia, by Calatrava. The sparkle can be found in form of different blue LED lights which are spread throughout the exterior as well as its extra-ordinary doors. Its doors are quite fascinating since they open in outward direction at first and then slide forward. A typical Maserati grille is also added to the car.

The similar unique design can be found at the interior. It is used to link the door panels to the dashboard. The GT Garbin Concept is a four-seated car that increases its beauty from inside through a long piano-black center console breaks. The interior includes an air conditioner, entertainment system controls, and navigation. Fiat has sponsored this concept and so this car has received 4.7 liter V8 engine which is similar to what we have already seen on the Maserati GranTurismo.





By Sunita Mandal