General Motors Co.’s Flint Assembly Plant turned 235 part-time workers into full-time and hired 82 additional employees.

The new employees who have been moved from temporary to full-time status will be classified as Tier 2 workers under the UAW-GM contract. They will receive about $16 an hour, which is the lower starting wage, plus employee benefits, compared to Tier 1 employees who make $28 an hour. The new temporary employees are also paid with the lower starting wage but without employee benefits.

“We brought more than 700 people from 20 GM facilities across the country in June and July for training for the third shift,” said local GM spokesman Tom Wickham. “A number of people who came to work never came permanently. They rented apartments and went home on weekends. Some were able to return to their home plants.”

Wickham also said that this movement was possible due to retirements made here and at other facilities. In summer 2011, the plant, which builds heavy-duty Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierra pickups, added a third shift and about 750 workers.

“We are able to add new social security numbers to the system,” said Wickham. “For the workers, they have permanent GM positions. it gives them a greater sense of security.”


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