Chrysler LLC announced today that the direct economic impact of the company’s operations in the U.S. exceeds $29 billion annually.
The analysis covers economic activity in all 50 states, and includes annual wages, pensions and state and local taxes paid as well as supplier and minority supplier purchases. The analysis also includes the number of employees, retirees, dealers and suppliers in each state.
— Chrysler U.S. employees paid $1.3 billion (2007) in Federal taxes.
— Chrysler paid nearly $6 billion (2007) in annual wages in the U.S.
— Chrysler paid nearly $2 billion (2007) in pension benefits to more than
120,000 retirees (2007) living in all 50 states.
— Chrysler paid nearly $280 million (2007) in state and local taxes in
the U.S.

— Chrysler purchases more than $21.3 billion (through October 2008) from
more than 6,000 parts suppliers located in all 50 states (this figure
does not include an additional $9 billion (2008) spent annually —
mostly in the U.S. — on logistics and indirect equipment and
services). Chrysler spends more than $4.8 billion (2007) with minority
suppliers annually. Since 1983, Chrysler has sourced more than $38
billion to minority-owned suppliers.
— Chrysler’s more than 3,300 dealers (2008) employ more than 144,000
people in local communities throughout the U.S.

The analysis supports the case that despite the entire automotive industry facing tough economic challenges, Chrysler has not wavered in its commitment to its people, partners and local communities throughout the U.S.


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