The Californian company has always had the potential of revolutionizing the auto industry and the latest announcement seems to be right on the spot – it has an off the shelf, series production system that can achieve fully autonomous Level 5 driving.

The announcement is a little ahead of its time, both practically and literally – Tesla also said its new and truly advanced autonomous hardware is actually not yet ready for prime time so the users who are getting their new cars with it will not get to experience its full capabilities for some time. Actually, the company itself recognized the cars with Autopilot generation one are more capable at the moment than the newer models, which have the software still in testing and unreleased for the time being. Most likely to quench all detractions, the Californian company has demonstrated the improved technology’s capabilities in a new video.

What we see here is a Model X that goes out and about with “no human input at all” or, if you like, completely autonomous. The trip starts from the garage, goes for a ride on the suburban side streets, and then merges onto a freeway. It all ends at Tesla manufacturing facility, where it finds itself a parking spot. Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to his usual channel – Twitter – to explain “the person in the driver’s seat is only there for legal reasons,” “he is not doing anything” and “the car is driving itself.” He added that “when searching for parking, the car reads the signs to see if it is allowed to park there, which is why it skipped the disabled spot.”



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