Chevrolet Camaro to appear in NFSW as a free anniversary gift image

Chevrolet Camaro will debut in the „Need for Speed World” videogame as a free gift from Electronic Arts to gamers.

NFSW is celebrating its second anniversary this week and is adding 8 unique cars per month to an already impressive list of over 120 vehicles. The developers are confident the free Camaro ZL1 will be the default choice for muscle car enthusiasts. The game has currently over 100 miles of drivable roads and players can choose to drive around, race, take part in treasure hunts or spend hours in their virtual garage.

There are thousands of vehicle customization possibilities, from appearance to performance and gameplay. After NFSW’s two-year anniversary week, more exotic cars will be introduced to the game in late August, including racing cars. For next year, there will even be a movie based on the Need for Speed franchise developed by DreamWorks Studios.

Until Friday July 27, NFSW players can make double XP in every race, cop pursuit, and Team Escape event. Free in-game giveaways such as SpeedBoost, neon lighting, new vinyls, and more will be also up for grabs this week.