4 Porsches caught for speeding on Canada’s highway image

Four luxury cars of the same brand Porsche were found cruising on the Vancouver-Whistler highway at 45 km/h over speed limit.

The series of Porsches looked amazingly breathtaking on the road, but unfortunately the drivers were found to be violating the law and so are busted by the police. These four drivers along with four Porsches were caught speeding on the Sea-to-Sky Highway on Saturday. This event occurred just after a week when West Vancouver police warned a similar group to slow down.

Cpl. Fred Harding said in a written statement that in July last week an unnamed officer found a group speeding with their Porsche cars on Sea-to-Sky, Highway 99 (between Vancouver and Whistler, B.C.). He issued warnings to the Porsche club. However, after a week on August 4, the same officer witnessed the same group of Porsche speeding up between 125 km/h and 131 km/h where the area was restricted to only 80 km/h driving.

The officer pulled them out of their cars, issued tickets for $368 and locked up those four Porsches for a week. Harding in his statement said – the West Vancouver Police Department will keep chasing for poses breaking the speed limit on road. Drivers are reminded that road safety is the responsibility of all road users. Driving at excessive speed can lead to severe sanctions from the Motor Vehicle Branch Superintendent which includes the suspension of driving privileges for an undetermined period of time