40% of BMW sales from front-wheel models image

BMW and Mini are preparing to launch quite a few front-wheel drive models as Corporate and Governmental Affairs spokesperson for BMW revealed that up to 40% of their vehicles could be front-wheel drive in the future.

BMW plans to launch a handful of new models, including 12 new compact vehicles in the coming years, which includes the next 1 Series and X1, and also 10 spinoffs for its Mini sub-brand. The company claims that 40% of the Group’s total global sales will be represented by front-wheel or all-wheel-drive models based on the UKL.

BMW corporate and government affairs spokesman, Kai Lichte, said that “We can count on total Group sales, up to 2020, of up to 40 per cent coming out of small and compact car segment, UKL, but for BMW, the rear-wheel drive will stay most important by far.”

The figure of 12BMWs and 10 Minis is not dead set; it is more a number of possibilities in case everything runs perfectly, the company remaining to evaluate each option according to its financial viability.
Even if the number of front-wheel drive models has been growing, Lichte says the company “will stick to rear-wheel drive from the 3 Series onwards, that’s for sure. It’s really hard to imagine having a 3 Series on a front-wheel drive platform. We don’t see it for the next 10 years.”

By Gabriela Florea