47 Vehicles Needed to Escort Olympic Torch-Bearer image

Believe it or not 47 vehicles are needed to escort the Olympic flame torch-bearer during his/her 8, 000-mile route run in the next 66 days.

Last night, May 21st, the famous rapper Will.I.Am and a judge on BBC talent show The Voice carried the torch through Taunton, Somerset, UK. The London Olympic organizing committee declared that the vehicle fleet is a very important logistical operation. The fleet is made of three main parts: lead vehicles, following vehicles and other vehicles.

The lead vehicles include two motorcycle outriders, two police cars, pilot vehicles, a minibus which drops off the torch-bearers, a chaperone car which looks after juvenile runners, sponsors’ vehicles(Coca-Cola, Samsung and Lloyds TSB), Buses with police, staff and media.

The following vehicles include the command car which monitors the runner, a coach with security staff, the torch bearer bus which picks up the runners after the run.

Other vehicles include a bomb disposal team, the local police (security and traffic and outriders), emergency vehicles (ambulance and fire brigade), shuttle buses for media and staff to get to the next venue, sponsors’ beck-up vehicles.