48 injured after train hits bus in Los Angeles image

48 people have been injured in downtown Los Angeles this morning after the Metro Blue line trai hit a public transit bus.

Fortunately, no deaths have been reported and the injuries suffered by the 48 passengers were minor.

The collision occurred at 7 am, when the southbound train was traveling on the 1900 block of San Pedro Street at Washington Boulevard. The Line 51 bus was pushed over a traffic signal, with the accident slowing the traffic as emergency crews rushed to the scene to take care of the victims. Police also reached the scene immediately to investigate the cause of the accident.

Had the train derailed, the outcome of the accident could have been really dramatic. Fortunately, it didn’t. Metro officials announced however a 15-minute delay on the Blue Line and Expo Line in the foreseeable future.

Most people injured were on the Line 51 bus – 40 – with the other eight traveling on the Blue Line train. Following the accident, transport officials brought in buses to transport commuters to their destinations. An hour after the collision, the scene of the crash was still being investigated by authorities in order to find the cause of the event.