5-month waiting list for Dacia Duster in the UK image

The Dacia Duster SUV is selling like hot cakes in the UK. So strong is the demand that Dacia UK has announced its customers there’s a five-month waiting period for the SUV that starts at £8,995.

With 1,000 pre-orders from the UK even before Renault started shipping the Duster into the country, it’s easy to see why the waiting period is so long. The demand is largely attributed to the buzz Dacia created by pricing its SUV just under £9,000 for the base petrol model.

But Brits are not the only ones who must wait for months to get their Duster delivered. In India, where the right-hand drive Duster is made (including UK models) waiting periods are in excess of six months. In only five months, Renault India has delivered 19,000 Dusters. In the Asian country, the Duster is sold as a Renault.

On November 30, 2012, Renault India begun exporting the Duster overseas, with an initial supply of 350 units, including both petrol and diesel models, both FWD and AWD. Surprisingly, the low-equipped entry-level Duster Access has already amassed over 2,000 orders in the UK, proving that the advertised base price is not just a marketing stunt. Orders for the top-end 4×4 Duster have also exceeded initial expectations by 40 percent, according to Dacia.