500 Renault Logan cars delivered to the Cairo police image

After winning a contract on June 15 to renew the Cairo police vehicle fleet, Egyptian International Motors, Renault’s official and exclusive importer in Egypt, has now completed the delivery of some 500 vehicles.

Roughly 300 of these are Renault Logan MCVs and 200 Renault Logan sedans. The agreement is another mark of the trust placed in Renault and its vehicles, particularly in terms of quality, reliability and safety. The decision of the Cairo police force was also motivated by the strong service quality of Renault’s after-sales network. This development confirms Renault’s place as the leading European brand in Egypt and its position as the main rival to the South Korean brands.

Last month, another big city that chose the Renault Logan for its police fleet was Rio de Janeiro. The police force from the Brazilian city received 1,300 Renault Logans equipped among others with on-board cameras, special communications systems and computers. The Logan replaced in Rio de Janeiro the Volkswagen Gol. However, the largest fleet of Logan police cars can be found in Romania, where the car carries the Dacia logo and is largely used not only by the police, but also by the majority of government agencies.