6 in 10 UK drivers nickname their cars, survey finds image

A study released by parking operator NCP reveals that six in ten UK drivers aged 17 to 45 admit giving nicknames to their vehicles.

The survey questioned 3, 000 drivers and revealed the most popular names were Betty, Bertie and Bob. However, a quarter of those surveyed admitted choosing celebrity names for their cars, including Prince William, Rooney and Lady Gaga.

Other popular names among Brit drivers were those derived from famous cartoon characters, sports figures and politicians. More bizzarrely, three percent of those surveyed also admitted to naming their cars after co-workers, though most of the names chosen were influenced by the biggest female celebrities in Britain, including Cheryl Cole, Holly Willoughby and Kate Middleton.

Fortunately, not everyone feels compelled to nickname their car. Twenty percent of those surveyed said anyone that felt compelled to do so were sad.