6 of the 20 Most-Watched YouTube Commercials Are Auto Related image

The guys from Adweek have made a list with the most-watched commercials on YouTube, 20 of them in number.

Guess what they found out? From the total of 20 ads, 6 of them are auto-related. It seems that the massive amounts of money auto makers invest in commercials have paid off. The marketing-obsessed guys from the company did not include the banned international commercials or the movie trailers, since the end product would not have been an accurate list.

The majority of these commercials were released no longer than three years ago, and all of them highlight the accessibility to streaming video and smartphones. Among the 6 ‘celebrities’ are Kia’s Dancing Hamsters from 2009, which didn’t gain their fame from their busting moves, but from the collaboration with LMFAO for a video game.

You will also see on the list Ken Block’s Gymkhana…but why don’t you see the list for yourself and enjoy the commercials?

1. Chrysler: Born of Fire (15 million views)
2. Honda: Matthew’s Day Off (16 million views)
3. Kia: Dancing Hamsters (18 million)
4. Acura: Transactions (18 million views)
5. DC Shoes: Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five (24 million views)
6. Volkswagen: The Force (54 million views)