60 year old driver might be charged for Japan supercar crash image

After 14 luxury vehicles were involved in an expensive pileup just a few days ago, a 60 year old man might be charged for the crash.

According to police reports, the 60 year old man was apparently driving his Ferrari too fast when he lost control of his supercar and because of the wet road, what happened next will probably make “history”. And if you don’t remember, than a fast click on this link over here will enlighten you. If the old man will be charged for Japan’s most expensive car crash yet, he will most likely have to pay for all the damages, and considering the fact that most supercars were destroyed completely, the total amount might rise to a few million US dollars.

“I was driving at a faster speed than the legal limit. I had attempted to change lanes while driving in the passing lane, but the rear wheels of my car skidded, prompting my car to hit the guardrail”, said the 60 year old Ferrari driver.

As a result of the crash, in the 80 km/h speed limit zone a number of 14 luxury vehicles were damaged, some of them ending up as scrap metal. The wreck included a number of Ferrari 355s, Ferrari F430s, Ferrari F360, Ferrari F512, Lamborghini Diablo, three Mercedes-Benz models, a Nissan Skyline and an “eco-friendly” Toyota Prius.

  • Rik

    He wont be liable for damages to the other supercars as they were also speeding, or they would have been able to avoid the initial accident. He will only be liable for the Prius, which he hit.