700 hp Audi RS6 from REIFEN KOCH image

If 580 hp from the stock RS6 is not enough for you, and the “colors” of the MTM RS6R are not on your taste, then the tuning house Reifen Koch has the solution for you.

Reifen Koch has recalibrated Audi’s ECU, added sports filter and a custom made exhaust system that boosts the V10’s output from 580HP and 650Nm to 700 horsepower and 790Nm or 583.7 lb-ft of peak torque, allowing the RS6 to reach a top speed of 330km/h or 205mph.


The Reifen Koch Audi RS6 comes with 10×22 inch rims from Schmidt and 265/30 22 tires.
No price has not been announced yet for this program.