8 of the 20 Most Watched Ads on YouTube Are Auto Related image

According to AdWeek 8 of the 20 most watched commercials on YouTube are auto-related.

VW added two new Star Wars theme commercials in the top 20, including the one called ‘The Bark Side’ on the third place with almost 18 million views, and it doesn’t even have a car in it. Among the other featured ads is Chrysler’s commercial with Clint Eastwood in ‘It’s Halftime in America’ and ‘House Arrest’ featuring Charlie Sheen for the Fiat 500 Abarth. Besides VW and Chrysler, other automakers reaching top 20 were Honda, Chevrolet, Audi and Toyota. But of all commercials only Fiat’s ad was played during a Super Bowl.

Back in July the guys from AdWeek were saying that in top 20 most viewed commercials 6 of them were auto related. So in five months, 2 more auto related commercials managed to enter top 20. It seems that the massive amounts of money auto makers invest in commercials have paid off. The marketing-obsessed guys from the company did not include the banned international commercials or the movie trailers, since the end product would not have been an accurate list.

No. 3 Volkswagen “The Bark Side”


No. 5 Honda “Matthew’s Day Off”


No. 6 Volkswagen “The Dog Strikes Back”

No. 8 Chrysler “It’s Halftime in America”

No. 10 Audi “Vampire Party”


No. 11 Chevrolet “2012”


No. 16 Toyota “It’s Reinvented”


No. 18 Fiat “House Arrest”