Lamborghini Estoque will hit the market in 2011 image

First unveiled at Paris Motor Show this year, this 4-door coupe from Lamborghini will enter in production most probably in 2011 and it will be available to clients for about €185, 000. As announced, Estoque, will be powered by a 5.2-liter v10 engine found also on the Gallardo delivering about 500 hp or more and 610 Nm of torque. This engine will be connected to a 7-speed twin clutch gearbox automatic gearbox.

While Ferrari does not want to hear about a diesel engine, Lamborghini take into account a possible model based on a diesel engine.
“The pressure is already on us to do something significant to lower CO2,” “We will never offer our super-sports cars with diesel engines, and we will never resort to turbocharging for those cars either; to do either would betray our heritage and customers, and for Murcielago and Gallardo we can make the savings in other ways” said Lamborghini’s Chief Engineer, Maurizio Reggiani.

“But the opportunity is there to develop a turbocharged, maybe even a diesel engine for Estoque, and since the car could be well-priced and could sell in quite large numbers for us, it’s a big chance for us. No Lamborghini will ever emit 120g/km, but still we have to improve our figures and make progress.”