$826 Million Offered by USDOT to Modernize Transit Buses image

The US Department of Transportation (USDOT) has already begun to follow President Barrack Obama’s call for investing in an America that’s built to last, by allocating $826.5 million to repair and modernize the transit vehicles and facilities around the country. US Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood declared that America must have a solid foundation in order to last.

“The President knows that transportation projects like those we’ll fund from today’s announcement will help provide businesses and families with the safest, fastest, most efficient way to connect with opportunity,” LaHood said.

The Bus and Bus Facilities and Clean Fuels grant programs include a $650 million funding for three years and 300 projects to rehabilitate and replace transit infrastructure, and also for transit asset management. According to FTA administrator Peter Rogoff this will help Americans save billions of dollars, instead on spending them on gas.

“These investments will ensure that transit remains a dependable option and advance President Obama’s goal for an America Built to Last,” Rogoff said.

The program includes $125 million to enhance the quality of life by means of new and enhanced intermodal connections, expanded transportation choices and reduced congestion, and $51.5 million ti help communities reach the national air quality standards.