85 million more Takata airbags might be recalled in the US image

US safety regulators said this week that the recall scale around Takata’s defective airbags could soon reach another dimension.

Reuters reported in February that US auto safety regulators were examining whether an additional 70 million to 90 million airbags may endanger drivers. And this week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have confirmed that there are still 43.4 million passenger side inflators, 26.9 million side airbag inflators and 14.5 million driver side inflators fitted on US vehicles, all of them having the volatile substance that could lead to deadly ruptures. The faulty inflators made by the Japanese auto supplier Takata affected so far approximately 23 million vehicles and fourteen automakers in the US, while nearly 29 million airbags are part of the related recall, according to the NHTSA.

Takata produced between 260 million and 285 million ammonium nitrate-based inflators worldwide between 2000 and 2015, out of which nearly half wound up in US vehicles, one of the former company managers told Reuters, citing the firm’s production records. The company has to prove by 2019 that the remaining explosive airbags are safe, or it has to declare all of them defective otherwise. The automakers have managed to replace or fix only 7.5 million of faulty inflators in the US as of March 11, accounting for just one-quarter of the total estimated figure.

Via Automotive News