918 Spyder will reportedly have an HTML based infotainment system image

Porsche hopes to achieve never before integration of capabilities with a new HTML5 based infotainment system, one that would open the desire of programmers to enrich the experience in the new supercar.

According to a report by Autobild, the German company will abandon the proprietary system road in favor of a more accessible infotainment system, based on the industry standard HTML5. This could bring a number of advantages for the highly innovative flagship – beginning with the fact that engineers and programmers would need no further experience training for the new system, as HTML5 is now a global standard.

Also, as everyone knows, an enclosed system needs longer development, while the use of HTML would bring better smartphone integration and improved internet access, with an interface a lot easier to design and integrate. Aside that, once released, third party apps could open a whole new world for the good and faithful in car entertainment system.
Still in development, little else is known about the new system, but a QNX Porsche 911 concept was introduced at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, featuring all the latest and greatest: a reconfigurable digital instrument cluster, “ultra HD voice technology” and one-touch Bluetooth smartphone pairing via Near Field Communications (NFC).