An 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster auctioned for $11.77 million, was outran by a 1968 Ford GT40, sold for $11 million.

The 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster, coming from the prewar Nazi Germany was sold for $11.77 million, on Sunday, August 19th, at an auction in Pebble Beach, California. But the car that made history was a 1968 Ford GT40 was sold for $11 million on Friday, August 17th, at RM Auctions, becoming the most expensive American car ever sold at auction.

A 1957 Ferrari Testarossa set the record last year after it was sold for $16.4 million at the company’s 2011 Pebble Beach auction. On Sunday, bidding for the Mercedes started at $8 million, and began to slow when it reached $10.6 million. The final price was $10.7 million and the buyer will have to pay the 10% premium requested by the US auction houses.

The prized car had only two owners, the first one being Gisela von Krieger who had the car for 50 years. After the war she emigrated with her family in the US and from 1958 until 1989 the car was left in storage in Connecticut, until the owner died. The car was then sold to Lee Herrington of New Hampshire who sold it at this year’s auction.


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