A car was made using a printer image

As technology advances even more people start doing weird things with stuff in their own houses like building a car from a special 3D printer but not forgetting that trees are an endangered species and using a hybrid powertrain to move it around.

The project leader of Urbee, Jim Kor, has just unveiled a weird looking vehicle at the TEDxWinnipeg technology conference in Canada that has all the chances to reach a major automaker’s production line.

Even if it seems impossible to make a car using a printer, Jim Kor says that the vehicle’s body panels were made from a special 3D printer while the chassis is a regular one and power comes from electric motors and a small ethanol-powered engine, making it the first ever hybrid printer in the world with an average fuel consumption of just 200 mpg.

“This process could revolutionize how we make things. It has certainly changed my way of thinking about manufacturing”, told the BBC Jim Kor.

The estimated price of the weird vehicle was set between $10.000 and $50.000, depending on whether it can hit the production line or not.