A Chevrolet Aveo Will Begin Its 14,000 km Mongol Rally Adventure image

On July 14th, a special Chevrolet Aveo will depart on a 14,000 km Mongol Rally adventure from Goodwood, to raise money for SOS Children’s Villages.

The Aveo’s FIRST Mongol Rally Team will drive a small 1.2L Aveo car on a no-set-route Mongol Rally adventure full of obstacles: bad roads, deserts, mountains, and even no roads at all and bandits. The rally team has three members: an experienced marketing manager, Guy White, an investment banker, Ed Kliphuis, and a developmental biology researcher, Arnout Schepers. None of them has has car or rally knowledge, but agreed to drive the car to raise money for charity.

“Driving across a third of the world, meeting so many incredible people, having so many unbelievable memories and doing some good while doing it, is just a perfect combination. I want to be one of those grandfathers that has grandchildren who want to hear his stories,” said Guy White.

The team met three years ago on a rugby field in Geneva and it is now leaving in this journey to collect donations for SOS Children’s Villages in Mongolia. The team aims at driving 14,050 km in 34 days.