A Fiat 500 was sold today that was fitted with the 500,000th unit. image

This important milestone, achieved in approximately two years, shows us the extent to which Blue&Me has gained public admiration due to its attributes of great functionality and extreme simplicity of use. This means that more and more customers order the unit: it is chosen by more than 20 percent of customers who buy one of the Fiat Group Automobiles that can be fitted with the device.

Blue&Me, developed together with Microsoft, has changed in-car communication and entertainment. It enables you to make phone calls and hear incoming texts on a Bluetooth phone, consult a phone book and listen to MP3 files – all without taking your hands off the steering wheel. The Blue&Me Nav incorporates a pictogram navigation system and significant insurance discounts can be obtained from the main companies due to the satellite location system offered by the car. Blue&Me Map is a removable navigation system that can be built into the dashboard to offer the greatest possible safety in the event of a crash with all the practicality of a portable navigation system.

October will see the advent of “ecoDrive”. In addition to the functions already described, this development of Blue&Me will allow all data on a car’s efficiency to be collected and stored on an ordinary USB memory stick that – once connected to a computer – will provide the driver with details on the car’s environmental performance, including CO2 emissions during every trip. It will also analyse driving style and give advice on how to modify your driving style to achieve a lower level of emissions and reduce fuel consumption.

Source: Fiat

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