A former VP of Tesla goes to Faraday Future image

The Chinese-backed company, a newcomer within the green automotive world, has hired a former executive from Tesla Motors.

Lately, it has been quite a commotion at Tesla, as many execs from top management have decided to take a different path, most likely a sign that Elon Musk still has much work to do if he wants to put things right in the company. As an example, just a couple of months back, three senior members of the executive team left, James Chen – Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Deputy General Counsel – being one of them. It was unknown at that time what direction Chen has chosen for his career. But now we know, thanks to Faraday Future, which has announced it hired him on a similar position, as VP of Government Relations and General Counsel. Before joining Tesla in 2010, Chen worked for a long time for the Environmental Protection Agency and afterwards went as partner in two law firms.

Even if we have had limited news from Faraday Future in the past few months, the electric-vehicle startup backed by Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting seems to slowly gather a solid team so that it can challenge the other green makers, such as Tesla. FF’s first production car is still kept under secrecy, but it supposedly has to be launched by 2018. For the model to be ready by then, the company first has to build its 1-billion-dollar plant in Nevada, so the factory could start making vehicles in two-year time.

Via Autoblog