A German Mayor Assigns Female-Only Parking Spots image

Gallus Strobel of Triberg, the mayor of Black Forest, a small town in Germany, decided to make female-only parking spots.

The 12 female-only parking spots are wider and well-lit, and since men are better drivers their spaces are more cramped, and separated by concrete pillars. The mayor declared that women are allowed to park in the men assigned spots if they want this challenge.

“In the new car park we found that two places were not rectangular, at an angle to the road and placed between walls and pillars; that makes parking difficult so we decided to allocate them to men,” the 58-year-old mayor said.

His decision was well received, with a few exceptions coming from the ‘political correct’ and one from an enraged female critic, accusing the mayor of ‘male pig-headedness’. Besides these few negatve reactions, Gallus Strobel said he didn’t expect such a positive feedback.

“I never expected this reaction. I’ve been on the phone all day, the TV will come. I am happy, and it looks like we’ve hit a raw nerve in society. It’s been a great marketing gimmick.”

  • rupert

    WTF is this article about. Female-only-parking spots are existing for centuries in Germany. The originial article is for "men-only" parking spots!