A host of six VW AG facilities halt production due to supplier disagreements image

The Volkswagen Group has another issue on its hands – aside from the billions it owes following the Dieselgate fallout – a supplier issue that is growing each day and now affects the production of two key models – the Golf and Passat.

Of course, aside from the models themselves, the main victims are the employees that might not get paid for the days without any production. VW has recently announced that a total of six production facilities have decided to halt manufacturing because of an issue between the carmaker and a range of outside suppliers. The Passat assembly factory in Emden has ceased operations, with production scheduled to resume on Wednesday and 7,500 employees coming back to work. Some parts of the Golf production lines are also affected by the issue, so 10,000 people Wolfsburg have been forced to get a vacation until Saturday.

The Zwickau factory which has around 6,000 employees has also ceased operations, with production of the Golf and Passat to be resumed on Friday. At the Kassel plant, where VW commissions transmissions and exhaust systems, some parts of the production process have been affected and will only resume manufacturing next Monday, affecting around 1,500 employees. The VW Salzgitter engine factory is also out between Wednesday and next Tuesday, with 1,400 people on forced leave. The Braunschweig facility, which is tasked to produce parts of the chassis components and plastic components, will resume production on Monday, with approximately 1,300 persons returning to work.