The luxury vehicle was ordered destroyed by the disgruntled owner after he got into a dispute with the auto company about maintenance issues.

Looks like the second hand vehicle had suffered from engine problems one month after it had been bought in Qingdao, Shandong province. However, the garage failed to fix the fault and somehow managed to damage the bumper and chassis in the process.



After arguing with the dealership and various senior Lamborghini representatives, the owner decided the only way to protect his rights was to have the car smashed up – on World Consumer Rights Day.

He hired a group of men from China’s eastern Shandong province, gave them sledgehammer and let them get on with smashing up the Italian sports car.

In the UK, the car costs around £140,000 but in China it would have cost a staggering £465,000.

photo credit: EPA / Reuters / AFP



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