A London Taxi Driver Transformed His Cab Into a Hotel Room image

A London can driver had the ingenious and original idea to make some extra money by transforming his black cab into a hotel room.

David Weekes added to his car a memory foam mattress complete with a Union Jack duvet, an iPad, a solar radio, a mini fridge and…a teddy bear. The unique hotel room is available for just £50 a night. The owner named his cab the ‘hail-a-hotel’ and admits he hasn’t had yet any bookings.

Weekes, as well as the other taxi drivers, was worried that the road closures and the fact that taxis are not allowed to drive in the newly installed Olympic lanes, will drastically decrease profits. But Weekes hopes that his ingenious idea will help him prop up his income.

‘I’m offering the authentic London experience – I know this city like the back of my hand so I can give you knowledge that you may not get from staying in a normal hotel room. ‘It’s definitely different – not many people can claim to have slept overnight in a black cab,’ Weekes said.

Tuesday, July 17th, hundreds of taxi drivers gathered in the central of the capital honking their horns protesting over the prohibition from driving in the Olympic lanes. The Department of Transport expects around 500,000 tourists in July and August, besides the 70,000 athletes and 260,000 visitors to the capital.

  • RyanRaffews

    A lot of "Taxi-Tels" were common during the height of the London Olympics. Most hotels like 3 star hotels in london were all fully booked.