It’s interesting how the ones playing outside the law have been touting better equipment than the law enforcement officers for years – but there are places where they’re at least on par.

Take Dubai for example – people there have lots of exotic rides, but the Police easily outshines them with the collection of cars that includes everything – from hypercars to capable off-roaders. In Italy we know the law enforcement has issues with the renowned Mafia – but at least in Milan there’s one less ride in their hands because now Polizia Locale uses a confiscated 458 Spider for education duty. The droptop supercar even comes with the appropriate bespoke paint scheme and the light clusters – sitting on the roof nacelles. The cops want to show young people that crime doesn’t pay – though we might advise them to use careful marketing, as clearly becoming a mobster lends you the perks needed to buy a Ferrari.

According to Italian law, the police and national fire brigade can request to keep and use personal property confiscated from the mafia – the 458 Spider was impounded in September 2015 and a company specializing in police duty vehicle preparations took care of the needed work free of charge. The police in Milan are quite busy actually – their announcement said among the confiscated properties there were 29 other cars and 3 motorcycles – and all these mobster assets now take part in the allocation program for the police and fire departments.

Via City of Milan, La Stampa


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