Unlike any other comparison tool, Honda’s comparator calculates whole life costs, instantly allowing the user to see how much the car will cost over three years or 60,000 miles. By looking beyond the initial purchase price and comparing the ‘true cost’ of the car, customers are able to make an educated purchase decision. The comparator also compares standard on-the-road price, CO2 emissions, fuel economy, company car tax, VED Band, insurance group and key features of the cars.

Up to five cars can be compared at once and can be saved as a pdf document, so customers can have the information to hand when visiting the dealer or in business meetings as evidence to support fleet car choices. Similarly, dealers and sales managers can now calculate cost comparisons at the click of a button and a pdf document can be sent to potential customers to show the affordability of a particular Honda model.

The comparator uses current data from CAP Monitor, so customers can be confident that all data is from an independent source and offers an honest comparison.

“We want to support retail and corporate customers by helping them make an informed purchase decision based on the issues that are relevant to them. The car comparator enables the customer to do this with impartial, third party data,” said Tom Gardner, Head of Marketing – Cars for Honda (UK). “Our cars perform very well on whole life costs as well as fuel economy and CO2 emissions, and using Insight as a prime example, can offer staggering savings versus key competitor models.”

Whole life cost analysis of the Honda Insight showed it could save businesses up to £9,153 versus key competitors*.
Visit www.honda.co.uk/comparator


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