Alfa Romeo is one of the most stylish and splendid car company. This car company has proved elegance and efficiencies of many models till date. Some of the most responsive and persuading models of Alfa Romeo are Brera Coupe and Alfa Spider convertibles. To offer one of the most innovative features in these cars, the Company has added new 200bhp and 1750TBi engines to Brera Coupe and Spider Convertible ranges. These cars are already quite popular in the car lovers regarding to their performances and this value added engines will enhance not only the speeds and mileage of the cars but also the reputation as well.

The Alfa Romeo Brera Coupe

The Italian Company Alfa Romeo has launched the Brera Coupe in 2005 as a sports model. This car has unique history as in 2002 it was first time launched in Geneva Motor Show as a Concept car. But gradually the production started on and the designer of the cars, Giorgetto Giugiaro felt needs of massive changes and in 2005 the production started with the intention of making a sports car. The car initially was powered with Maserati V8 engines and in Europe it is still available with two petrol engines. The newly added TBi engine is equipped with 1742cc four cylinders with twin overhead cams running 16 valves. This engine is also capable of powering the facilities of direct injections and turbocharging. The production capacity of this engine is 200 bhp and 236lb. The changes are also helpful for making the company more eco-friendly as the CO2 emission of the car will be reduced to 189g/km which can be considered quite dynamic for these coupe users.


The Alfa Romeo Spider

The Alfa Romeo Spider is the sports version of Brera that was launched soon after the production of Brera in 2006. Even in this sporty car these changes are made in mechanics and interiors. The 2.0 JDTM will bring radical and revolutionary changes in the speeds of the cars as the cars will now provide dynamic speeds of 0-100 km/h in time of about 7.3 seconds. Also the engine will be producing 200 PS (147 kW; 197 hp) and 320 N·m (240 lb·ft) of torque. The interior changes includes passionate black paintjob, nig impression creator 18 inch black ally wheels, Red brake Calipers and also the aluminum fuel cap inside.

These are some of the innovative changes that have changed the entire impact of Brea and Spider and exposing the innovative and exclusive nature of Alfa Romeo to the world. These changes will increase the demands of the cars and pleasure of driving these sports dup for sure.



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