A Porsche manager bashes Tesla’s tech image

Porsche promises the production version of its Mission E concept will truly be worthy of the brand and way more special than Tesla’s models.

Tesla’s success seems to have stirred a lot of envy within the automotive industry. At the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, Porsche brought in front of worldwide audience the Mission E concept, claiming the production model of its first fully electric car will revolutionize the segment and will be more technologically advanced than Tesla’s Model S. A Porsche engineer not working directly on the project has praised the upcoming model by recently telling Automobile magazine that the Mission E will be “something special” and the automaker is really putting hard work into the development process to make it “a true Porsche through and through.”

Another brand’s employee pushed the discussion a little bit further. “It’ll be something entirely different than any of its competitors, across the board” a product manager from Porsche added. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. However, he continued by throwing some poisoned arrows towards rival Telsa by saying “the thing about Ludicrous mode is that it’s a façade. Two launches saps the whole battery. That won’t be the case with the Mission E. You’ll be able to run it hard, over and over; the battery will not overheat, the power control module will not overheat, and the seats will not suck.”

Porsche is expected to launch its “special” electric sports model no sooner than 2019. The production version is said to keep the overall design of the concept and a similar powertrain, meaning it should remain in line with the 600 horsepower of the prototype developed by two electric motors and enough to push it to 62 mph in about three seconds.

Via Automobile

  • LazyReader

    Electric cars are not going to be prevalent in the foreseeable future. For what they cost, you can get a used four-cylinder with enough left over to buy gas for years. If you want electric cars to truly saturate the market they have to be as practical as a gas car and as affordable. Used cars are where the market is strongest and a used car loses about a third of it’s value at resale and if it’s 10 years old, you can get it for less than a third the price of a Tesla. And used Tesla’s were gonna worry about battery quality after several years. Remember the same battery tech used in them is what’s found in laptops and cellphones and we throw those devices away in 2-3 years. And there’s no evidence these vehicles are any better for the planet than gas powered ones. If the power used to charge them is fossil power, there’s no difference. Also if you want electric cars, you’re gonna need a lot more resources then whats presently available to industry and consumers. A lot of copper for the wire, a lot of lithium for all those batteries and a lot neodymium for the motor. And given the environmentalist uproar over mining copper, lithium and neodynium or any metal for that matter, I doubt those materials will be free’d up anytime soon to placate demand for them to economically build a automotive fleet.