A Recent Report Says Higher Fuel Efficiency Standards Are Needed image

A recent report says that the government should increase fuel efficiency standards through 2050, add new gas taxes and new fees on gas guzzlers.

The report was written by the National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council and says that the US should have by 2050 vehicles not dependent on imported oil and for this the government should impose policies and subsidies to boost EV technologies. The report adds that there is the possibility of reducing oil use with 80% by 2050, if vehicles would use biofuels, hydrogen and electricity.

“To reach the 2050 goals for reducing petroleum use and greenhouse gases, vehicles must become dramatically more efficient, regardless of how they are powered,” said Douglas M. Chapin, chair of the committee that wrote the report.

Automakers accepted the Obama administration’s plan to double fuel efficiency standards by 2025 to 54.5 mpg, which would cost the industry around $200 billion. The report also says that the government should find solutions to reduce the number of miles traveled by vehicles, by imposing insurance costs on a per-mile-traveled basis (12 cents per mile).

“The costs and benefits of large reductions in petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions will both be substantial,” the report says.