A123 Systems Opens largest plant for lithium-ion auto batteries image

President Barack Obama congratulated A123 Systems in Livonia on opening the largest lithium-ion automotive battery manufacturing plant on the continent during a surprise phone call at the grand opening Monday.

The new plant in Livonia, Michigan is expected to expand A123’s manufacturing capabilities by up to 600MW hours per year when fully operational, contributing to the company’s plan to expand global final cell assembly capacity to more than 760MW hours annually by the end of 2011.

A123 Systems will be able to make up to 1 million a month, enough to accommodate 30,000 vehicles a year.

It’s great news for Michigan. It’s great news for American manufacturing. And, perhaps most importantly, it’s great news for our nation’s energy future, helping to ensure that we don’t replace our current dependence on foreign oil with a dependence on foreign batteries.