[VIDEO] A8 flagship teasing facelift ahead of August 21 release image

As usual, building hype for a new model incorporates a few teasers when getting close to the actual release. Audi is no stranger to that so they have no shame in teasing the A8 facelift.

Slotted for the official announcement on August 21, the facelifted A8 makes a cameo appearance in a promotional video foreshadowing its actual release. Of course, the new version is part of Audi’s 2013 IAA line-up, but for the company flagship (and because such a big show could stomp on a mere facelift) the Ingolstadt automaker prepared a proper one man show unveiling.

This is actually the second sneak peak and it shows Audi’s new LED headlight technology reshaping the A8’s front end. It also hints to a second new “shining light of the Audi family” – but that could mean the unveiling of the A8 L or S8 alongside the “standard” A8.

Expected to arrive on the market sometimes next year as a 2015 model, A8 will feature the brand new Matrix LED headlights, which shuts down some of the LED’s automatically to block out the section that might blind other motorists – thanks to this system, the A8 can stay on high beams all the time, increasing visibility.