AAA Urges Drivers’ Protection Regarding the Black Box Law image

AAA says that motorists should own their vehicles’ black boxes, which NHTSA proposed to be installed in all vehicles beginning September 2014.

Last Friday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed that all vehicles manufactured after September 2014 to be fitted with the so called ‘black boxes, ’ which are in fact devices which record data before and after an accident. But AAA says that driver privacy must be protected and people shoul own the data their vehicles’ generate.

“Congress needs to ensure motorist rights are protected by passing legislation that prohibits access to data without permission from the owner or from a court order, unless the data is used for research purposes and cannot be tracked to a single vehicle,” said Robert Darbelnet, president and CEO of AAA.

The data recorder is triggered by a crash or air bag deployment, and collects data related to the vehicle’s speed, the crash forces at moment of impact, if the driver activated the brake in the moments before the crash, air bag deployment timing, information about the state of the engine throttle, air bag readiness prior to the crash and whether the belt was buckled or not.