An abandoned Jaguar E-Type has been recently spotted in England where the sports car is probably waiting for someone who can give its glory days back.

The Jaguar E-Type is considered by many one of the most beautiful cars ever produced and because of this, a totally restored one, with a brand new engine, new steering, new brakes, air conditioning, heated seats or sat-nav will set you back for a lot of money. Collectors are often looking for old and abandoned E-Types so the car pictured above probably already has a new owner by the time we’re posting this. The model in question is the 60th ever E-Type produced and it was spotted in Shropshire, England.

As a quick reminder, the Jaguar E-Type is a British sports car produced between 1961 and 1974 by Jaguar Cars Ltd. More than 70,000 E-Type units have been sold over the years. The E-Type Series 1 saw daylight between 1961 and 1968 and the model cam in three body styles, two-door coupe, two-door 2+2 coupe and two-door convertible. As for the engine lineup, the model had a 3.8L I6 or a 4.2L I6, mated to either a four-speed manual or a 3-speed automatic transmission. The model was produced in Coventry, England.

Source: Wrecked Exotics


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